Big Brothers Big Sisters

United Midcoast Charities supports nonprofit organizations that provide social services and care, including medical, physical, social, psychiatric or community educational services.

Through a yearly grant application and review process, UMC funds agencies that primarily benefit residents of Knox and Waldo counties.

United Midcoast Charities was founded in 1942. Today, UMC awards grants to more than 50 agencies in any given year, totaling around $500,000 in support.  

Individuals and businesses throughout the region give generously to support the vital work of clinics, daycare centers, food banks, soup kitchens, medical services, housing providers and many other organizations. UMC’s Board of Directors and Executive Director oversee our donor programs as well as our grant application and review process.

"It is an amazing opportunity to have a situation where two people can make a positive
difference in each other's lives – or maybe that's the definition of friendship."
– Big Brother Jeremy

Brian and Big Brother Jeremy at the Penbay Y.
Photo: Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Maine

To receive more information about our donor programs or our grant application process, please contact us at:

United Midcoast Charities
87 Elm St, Ste 205
Camden, ME 04843

Phone:  207 236-2299
Participants in UMC's Workplace Giving Program
University of Maine Bank of America

Waldo County YMCA Pen Bay Healthcare Fisher Plows Maine State Employees Combined Charitable Appeal
United Midcoast Charities | 87 Elm Street, Suite 205 | PO Box 205 | Camden, ME 04843 | 207 236-2299